Yes the rumours are true. Tool is in the studio working on a new project.

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5volts on Warp Records' cult music shop

A pair of pocasynths goes to #goa from 23rd - 27th Feb!
DM if you want to check them out.

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Presenting a new VvvvV sound piece on 25th February in Goa.

#listeningroom with @reproduceartists

The dance of the pocasynth!
Multiple builds completed at Synthfarm going totally crazy with both CV control and light control from the onboard LDRs.

Participants of SYNTHFARM 5 got to build and take these home.
This is also India's very first DIY synth project in collaboration with @animalfactoryamps

Thanks to @da.saz for the video

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The pocasynth came alive at synthfarm edition 5. We had a 100% success rate with the builds...with all first time builders! DIY FTW!

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More nervous than I am excited about this...and I'm really excited about this!

1 hour of my original work as Yidam / 5volts / VvvvV will be playing on Berlin FM airways including an interview with host Pawas Gupta. Big thank you to him for bolstering my confidence to put my music out there as it is... most of it raw/uncut/unmastered.

Look out for Focus on India - 5volts on FluxMusic / FluxFM / Sound of Berlin.

The show is Thursday night in Berlin 00:00 CET (terrestrial radio 100.6 FluxFM) and Friday on Sound Of Berlin Channel at 22:00 CET

info + links:

FluxFM: (thursday night / Friday morning 00-1 CET / 04:30 IST on air 100.6 FluxFM )

Sound of Berlin: (Fr 22:00, Sun 18:00, Wed 14:00)

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The beautiful PCB designed by @animalfactoryamps (

A few lucky participants of SYNTHFARM 5 get to build and take these home.

This is also India's very first DIY synth project.

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Yes it has CV control and other special features yet to be revealed!

We have a very limited run on PCBs and kit parts specially made by Animal Factory Amplification for this next edition of SYNTHFARM on 9-10-11 February! Join us by visiting and registering.

Learn how to solder and build your own synthesizer!

#diy #diykit #workshop #kit #synthfarm #kolkata #india #analogsynth #synthesiser #synthesizer #synthmaking #afa

This just in from @animalfactoryamps. We have a tiny run on PCBs and kit parts specially made for this next edition of SYNTHFARM on 9-10-11 February! Join us by visiting

#diy #photoresistor #diykit #workshop #kit #synthfarm #kolkata #india #synthmaking

Super excited to have this DIY project created by @animalfactoryamps at the next Synthfarm music residency in February. All participants get to take one of these little monsters home!

#diy #cv #cvcontrol #synthesiser #synthfarm

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Interview of my friend and musical compadre Hashback Hashish. Looking forward to creating a lot more noise with him this year.

#eurorack beasts from @animalfactoryamps
Brutal parameters and CV control of...
#life #death #burial #voodoo #rum #fear #malice #toxicity #hiss #venom #bite #saturation #filter

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Proud owner of the very first Eurorack Pit Viper module and second Baron Samedi module from @animalfactoryamps
#eurorack #modularsynth #modular #synthesizer #fuzzlove #madeinindia

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After sifting though many pixelated images finally got a clear shot of the @arturia_official new Minibrute 2 series S patchbay! Check out the
#vco #extin #filter #amp #inverter #adsr #ad #lfo #vca #attenuators #sequencer #midi
Ins and outs.

#arturia #minibrute2 #minibrute2s #namm #namm2018

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Alter ego VvvvV - Linguistics remix by @hashbackhashish has been featured by @xlr8r_official
Free download / no sign up needed / link in insta profile!

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XLR8R offers a free download of the newly released Linguistics remix!

Sync on!

#rbma #geardos

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Bombay is getting slammed later tonight Bunker style. But first we jam!

#warehouse #mumbai #famousstudios #rbma #thebunker #geardos

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Remember that section of the documentary I Dream Of Wires with someone building a Buchla inspired telephone switchboard synthesizer and hunting down vintage plugs and cables in NYC? That was synthesist Lori Napoleon (aka. Antenes, Meridian7).

Super excited to attend the Studio Science demonstration and synth jam today in Mumbai!

If you're in the city you can RSVP here:

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Kicked to begin the year playing a Hybrid Live/DJ Set on the same lineup as my compadres Hybrid Protokol who will be playing a live hardware set + Adnan and Rudra who are both planning stellar DJ sets.

12 Jan 2018 / Kolkata / [ LOCAL ] at Phoenix Bar/ Club

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@5volts rework of @hashbackhashish's 100bpm industrial monster ZONE is now on very limited vinyl! #followthecircuit

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It's been a year since this release on @soupherb_recordsofficial. A 123 BPM trippy acid ride orchestrated by the inimitable @calmchor

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'5volts - Slowfly' featuring on this mix by none other than Alexander Robotnick. This modular jam will be featured as a track on the upcoming compilation 'Indian TechXpress' on Hot Elephant Music. The record features future-retro sounds by an all Indian cast including Aqua Dominatrix / D80 / Diatonik / Hamza / Hybrid Protokol / NoLatency / Pawas / Unnayanaa / Stalvart John / ToneFabrik / Weird Sounding Dude.

Shout out to Sleepwalker (B-side) for making this happen.

Oh my! Look what we have here!
Black & Gold Shared System Plus
<3 Make Noise

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Waldorf Music's upcoming Quantum monster.

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It's my absolute honour to announce that the next 5volts release will be on electronic music legend Alexander Robotnick's label Hot Elephant Music.

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Very cool module from Møffenzeef Mødular. CV controllable Master clock with 4 additional outs with 16 possible divisions.

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Do Androids drool over matte black Make Noise alt panels?

coming soon to

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lucid memories.

The brain is out of the bag! Squarp Instruments reveals its new Hermod 8-track sequencer & interface module.

● 8 CV/GATE tracks, 8 sequences per project
● real-time recording and step sequencing
● 10 dynamic CV effects, mod matrix, clock and LFO generation
● up to 8 voices of polyphony
● 4 assignable CV inputs
● ±5V, high precision 16-bit DAC
● usb host, usb device, midi interface
● compact size (24 HP)

$450 / 380€ - pre-orders starting early December, shipping in January

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Animal Factory Amplification Eurorack Modules available at Schneidersladen soon.

All great synths... all amazing albums.

Dreadbox creating a massive stir with its new DIY Hades eurorack sized synth kit priced at 130.00 € (without resistors) / Full DIY Kit 140€ / Assembled 250€
[out of stock at the moment]

Specs: DREADBOX HADES Analog Bass Synthesizer

Full Analog Circuit only with Through Hole Components
1x VCO with 2 suboctaves (3 voices in total)
Pulse width and Glide controls
3-pole 18dB/oct Resonating Low Pass Filter
OTA Distortion Circuit for extreme sounds
OTA based VCA
2 envelope Generators
– Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain (extra snappy and patchable)
– Attack, Release (VCA hardwired)
Triangle Wave LFO
8 point patch matrix eurorack compatible
5 MIDI Octaves from C0 up to C5 or unlimited via CV/Gate

Usually don't post links to software but this is a special one. Check out these amazing soft-plugs by IDM/Drum n' Bass visionary Tim Exile (Warp Records/ Planet Mu (OFFICIAL)) especially his new Resonator plugin and the free super-slow reverb.

Ahoy DIYers! Check out the Monobloc 01 and 02 'PCB + Panel Kit' from Frequency Central!

Monobloc 01 (42HP):
System X Oscillator PCB
State 700 Filter PCB
System x Amplifier PCB
System X Envelope PCB x 2
Wave Runner LFO PCB/PIC
Custom power cable

Monobloc 02 (42HP):
System X Oscillator PCB x 2
System X Filter PCB
System x Amplifier PCB
System X Envelope PCB
Custom power cable

for more info email :

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Hey you. Don't call yourself a Techno DJ until you've played an 8hour 20min set.

Brains! Squarp Instruments are making modular brains!

Mutation in progress. Boxes for the DIY Poca-synth workshop at #synthfarm next week.

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